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We are working on a project with Wide Open Agriculture to establish the feasibility of profitable, regenerative livestock systems for the WA Wheatbelt.


The study provided an evidence-based approach to return natural diversity into cropping systems. The system will showcase a truly Australian grazing system, that (i) is designed to suit Wheatbelt environmental conditions, (ii) can minimise external inputs such as supplementary feeds, (iii) achieve profitable levels of animal production, (iv) enhance the management of the natural resource base by building soil health, improving the microclimate, and adding diversity into our farming landscape, and (v) provide employment opportunities that range from livestock handling to feed and livestock management, and marketing.


Wide Open Agriculture is a startup business that aims to deliver ‘meaningful food production’.


Delivering on four returns: economic, environmental, social and inspiration.


Meaningful food = positive impact on the health + well being of the consumer + producer + the community + environment where it is grown.