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Managing Grazing in a Changing Climate


Coorow, 10 February 2016


Productive Farming Future - Agriculture in a changing climate forum, Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC)


We need to stop thinking about in-season and out-of-season rainfall – there is so much variability in the rainfall patterns that we really must make the best use of rain whenever it falls.


For innovative grazing systems that underpin sustainable profitability into the future, the “trifecta” of responses is:


1. Using resilient forages that can cope when conditions are tough but allow you to capitalise when times are good


2. Using and managing adaptable animals that learn how to make use of a diverse feed base and which are suited to the local environmental conditions


3. Building the ‘intrinsic value’ of the land - with improved micro-climates, good ground cover, and increasing soil organic matter